Question: Do I provide a snack and lunch for my child?

Answer: Love 2 Learn provides a nutritional morning and afternoon snack for your child. Please provide a nutritional lunch for your child (save treats such as candy, chips, chocolate for special occasions) and include a water bottle. We are a nut free facility.

Question: Is there a registration fee?

Answer: Yes, there is a non-refundable $75 registration fee upon registration. This secures your child’s spot and covers supplies. Siblings will receive a discounted rate of $50 for registration.

Question: When are fees due?

Answer: Upon registration, we require 6 months of post-dated cheques. They are to be dated and cashed for the first of each month. If you accidently bounce a cheque, we will require a new cheque promptly with a $25 fee to cover bank costs.

Question: What do I do if I know longer require care or am going away on a holiday?

Answer: We require one month’s notice from the first of the month to cancel your child’s spot. Refunds are not given if your child will be absent or on a holiday as we are unable to enroll another child while securing your child’s spot.

Question: Is the facility open all year round?

Answer: Yes, the facility is open all year round, with the exception of statutory holidays as posted in the parent contract. During quiet times, such as Christmas break and Spring break, we may ask parents to communicate their planned schedules for care to coordinate appropriate staffing.

Question: Is nap time required?

Answer: We believe all children need some quiet time during the day to relax their body and mind, and enjoy in some alone time. Naps are not mandatory but during quiet time, those requiring a nap may do so.

Question: How should I dress my child?

Answer: Your child should be dressed appropriately to allow them to be actively involved in all program activities. Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather, as we may go outside rain or shine. All children require an extra change of clothing.

Question: Will I receive feedback on my child’s developmental progress?

Answer: Yes, we will send home progress reports twice a year to inform you of your child’s developmental progress at school. Staff will also communicate with parents at any time during the day or at pick up regarding your child’s day. Our classroom is always open to parents that want to pop in or observe at any point, keeping in mind that we do not want to disrupt the children or program.

          Three Amazing Locations located in the Heart of Pitt meadows 

Administration: Jenna@love-2-learn.ca 

Daycare: 604-459-3033 or Dc@love-2-learn.ca

Infant/ Toddler: 604-459-3044 or it@love-2-learn.ca

Preschool / School care 604-457-3022 or ps@love-2-learn.ca

Unit 105 - 108 , 12069 Harris Road , Pitt Meadows  BC - V3Y 0C8

604-459-3033 ( daycare )

604-459-3044 (infant care)

604-457-3022 ( Preschool / School care )

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